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Genetic Monitoring of Human Populations

22 mayo 2008

Genetic Monitoring of Human Populations:
Planning, design and analysis of molecular epidemiology studies

Barcelona, 9-12 June 2008

Dr. Stefano BONASSI
National Cancer Research Institute
Genova, Italy

Monday, 9 June
9.30-10.30 Introduction and course overview
10.30-11.30 Biomarkers in human genetic monitoring (Practical and theoretical issues)
Coffee Break
12.00-13.00 Biomarkers of exposure and risk assessment
14.00-15.00 Biomarkers of early biological effect
15.00-16.00 Statistics and Biomarkers (I)

Tuesday, 10 June
9.30-10.30 Statistics and biomarker (II)
10.30-11.30 Biological sampling in population studies
Coffee Break
12.00-13.00 Can biomarkers predict diseases in healthy subjects ?
14.00-16.00 Genetic variability in population studies and gene-environment interaction

Wednesday, 11 June
9.30-10.30 Observational Epidemiologic studies: Design
10.30-11.30 Study design in Molecular Epidemiology
Coffee Break
12.00-13.00 Observational Epidemiologic studies: Analysis
15:00-16:30 High-throughput technologies in human population studies

Thursday, 12 June
9.30-10.30 Molecular epidemiology studies in children: Overview and critical issues
Coffee Break
11.00-12.00 Ethical, social, and legal implications of population studies with genetic biomarkers
12.00-13.00 Practical exercise: Designing a biomonitoring study in a population exposed to urban air pollution.
General discussion and conclusion

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