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Community Strategy for Endocrine Disrupters

12 agosto 2011

Sumario del texto publicado por la Comisión Europea:

The present document is the 4th report on the implementation of the Community strategy on endocrine disrupters.

Results from numerous research projects are increasing our knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the endocrine system and its susceptibility and sensitivity to exogenous substances. While it is apparent that many substances may cause changes in the body’s hormonal signalling mechanism it is considerably more challenging to identify when such changes will result in adverse effects on health.

In recognition of the need to address the problem of endocrine disrupters, many pieces of EU chemicals’ legislation contain specific provisions on this issue. Currently the main focus, both within the EU and internationally, is to agree on approaches for the identification and assessment of endocrine disrupters.

EU legislation currently offers relatively limited opportunities for an integrated assessment of the cumulative effects of different substances having adverse effects on the endocrine system. While the assessment of such cumulative effects are being undertaken in relation to certain product types (e.g. plant protection products) or for substances which are part of the same substance class (e.g.selected phthalates in the context of REACH), there is no mechanism for assessing the cumulative impact of the range of endocrine disruptors to which human beings and the environment are exposed.

Given the increasing concerns in relation to the potential impact of endocrine disrupting substances, particularly in relation to human fertility, the Commission has contracted a major study to be carried out on the basis of which it will review the existing Community strategy.

Descargar el documento completo (PDF).

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