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Red Iberoamericana de Toxicología y Seguridad Química

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Congreso Regional de la “Society for Risk Analysis Latin America”

1 enero 2012


Dear all,

We will be holding the II Regional Congress of the Latin America Regional Group of the Society for Risk Analysis in Bogota City, Colombia, April 9th-12th, 2012. There will be pre-congress courses, international experts lecturing on Climate Change, Natural Threats, New Technologies, and Contamination/Environmental Health, and the traditional poster and oral presentation sessions with colleagues coming from all over the Americas.

Technicians, Researchers, Consultants and Gov officers with interests in all disciplines related to the Risk Analysis arena may find a unique opportunity to learn of what is being doing in the region, plan collaborations with colleagues, participate in SRA-LA development, and meet professionals from Academia, Government, Industry and Consulting sectors, a same time/same place chance for moving forward in your capacities!!

I would just need to add that this II Congress will be conducted in a place plenty of attractions, from montains and lakes to islands and beaches.

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III Jornada de Toxicología Ambiental: Residuos de Medicamentos y Medioambiente

15 noviembre 2011


16 de diciembre de 2011

Aula Magna
Facultad de Farmacia
Universidad de Alcalá

Descargar información detallada (PDF).

Facultad de Farmacia (UAH)
Sección de Toxicología Ambiental (AETOX)

Conclusiones del XI Congreso Español y II Iberoamericano de Salud Ambiental

15 noviembre 2011

XI Congreso Español y II Iberoamericano de Salud Ambiental

Descargar las conclusiones del Comité Científico (PDF).

VIII Encuentro de la Red de Comités de Ética de Universidades y Organismos Públicos de Investigación

10 noviembre 2011

Red de Comités de Ética

Madrid, 1-2 de Diciembre de 2011

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