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Red Iberoamericana de Toxicología y Seguridad Química

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International Congress on Environmental Health (ICEH 2012)

10 enero 2012

ICEH 2012

The second International Congress on Environmental Health, Know(ing) the Environment to Protect Human Health (ICEH 2012) will present the most recent technological and scientific developments in the field of environmental health, emphasizing the synthesis of scientific expertise achieved in individual disciplines, namely Air Pollution; Environmental Toxicology; Food Safety; Indoor Air; Occupational Health and Public Health.

The meeting aims to bring together researchers from a number of different countries and continents, involved in these issues.

Therefore organizing committee is pleased to announce an exciting innovative congress, with scientific presentations covering a wide range of topics.

The Congress will take place in Lisbon, which is a lovely city, between the 29th of May and the 1st of June of 2012, at the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Lisboa.

Come to a city with so many interesting things to know and with a pleasant weather!

More information:

Conferencia Internacional «Salud Ambiental en la Agenda Política»

1 enero 2012

CIAT Within the last decade, new scientific evidence on the health impact of contaminants has been reported and current study methodologies have allowed the identification of previously unrecognized chronic immune, nephrotoxic, neurodevelopmental, genotoxic and other health effects, particularly duringchildhood, the most vulnerable life stage , and in workers, the most directly exposed group.

More information and knowledge about all these issues are required in many countries in order to take action towards prevention, education and policy considerations. In fact, in many countries (especially developing ones) the potential exposure to environmental risks either via contaminated food ingestion or polluted air – is yet to be recognized in the context of public health. There is a need to recognize the problem, assess its magnitude and plan interventions to stop exposure, including policy-related measures.

Improved networking will enable the planning of intersectoral preventive and remedial actions and fulfill the international commitments made. In fact, although a number of international agreements are being or have been achieved, further progress in the their country implementation needs to be strengthened.

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Congreso Regional de la “Society for Risk Analysis Latin America”

1 enero 2012


Dear all,

We will be holding the II Regional Congress of the Latin America Regional Group of the Society for Risk Analysis in Bogota City, Colombia, April 9th-12th, 2012. There will be pre-congress courses, international experts lecturing on Climate Change, Natural Threats, New Technologies, and Contamination/Environmental Health, and the traditional poster and oral presentation sessions with colleagues coming from all over the Americas.

Technicians, Researchers, Consultants and Gov officers with interests in all disciplines related to the Risk Analysis arena may find a unique opportunity to learn of what is being doing in the region, plan collaborations with colleagues, participate in SRA-LA development, and meet professionals from Academia, Government, Industry and Consulting sectors, a same time/same place chance for moving forward in your capacities!!

I would just need to add that this II Congress will be conducted in a place plenty of attractions, from montains and lakes to islands and beaches.

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III Jornada de Toxicología Ambiental: Residuos de Medicamentos y Medioambiente

15 noviembre 2011


16 de diciembre de 2011

Aula Magna
Facultad de Farmacia
Universidad de Alcalá

Descargar información detallada (PDF).

Facultad de Farmacia (UAH)
Sección de Toxicología Ambiental (AETOX)